zaterdag, december 03, 2011

Het wordt wel erg ingewikkeld, want ik krijg weer ladingen 419-scams om m'n oren en ik kan miljoenen binnenhalen. Zal ik die dan maar op die bankwezenrekening zetten bij die bank waar ik geen klant ben?

Lieve ABN AMRO Klant

Uw ABN AMRO Online bankwezenrekening is beperkt ten gevolge van een mis-stel van toegangscode tussen uw
Veiligheid details ging tijdens de laatste herziening binnen.

Het wordt sterk vereist dat u de schakel beneden voor onmiddellijke reactivering van uw online toegang zou
moeten volgen.

Voor de veiligheid van Uw Rekeningen
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De beste Achting,
Klant Helt Departement van financiƫn


From Natacha Wilson
Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire.

Please I want to confide in you because of the situation and difficult condition that i now find myself.

I am Natacha Wilson from Liberia the only child of late Mr. George Wilson, who served as a director in the National Gold Council of Liberia and later went into private business upon retirement. He was a reputable Gold merchant who operated both in Liberia and the African Coast.

He later died in a hospital in our neighboring country of Cote d' Ivoire from the gunshot wounds that he sustained in the hands of the rebels during the Civil war that took place in our country.

But before his death, he told me that he has the sum of Four Million Four Hundred Thousand Dollars (4,400,000.00) deposited in a bank here in our neighboring country of Cote d'Ivoire. He advisedme to look for a foreigner in any country of my choice who will be ready to help me to transfer and invest this money wisely.

I am now seeking your assistance in getting this transferred out and be used for investment in any profitable business based on your advice and i willing and ready to give you 15% of the total money for your contributions and assistance to me in getting this money transferred.

Thanks and i wait your response.
Yours Obediently,
Natacha Wilson

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