zaterdag, december 10, 2011

Jesse, met een Duits mailadres, mailt mij, Anna (?) het volgende:

I have never had sex with a guy from America, very much want to try it, I am a Russian girl from Moscow - my name is Maria, and you? Let's get acquainted - Come to my page.

Met weer de datingsite die je steeds bij die mails aantreft.

Via een Zwitsers adres bereikt mij dit:

Hello My dear.
How are you doing today and how is everything over there
together with your health? i hope that you are in good
condition of health, i want to use this opportunity to
introduce myself to you. My name is miss Dorris wilson. i
know you maybe surprise on how i got your email address. it
is God plan to us. i got your mail today when i was browsing
searching for a good friend. so i decide to drop these few
line of massage to you. please i will like you to contact me
direct to my email address so that i will show you mail
photo and tell you everything about me and i will also like
to know more about you. thanks for your understand and i
will be hoping to hear from you soon.
Yours Dorris.

Gezien wat er allemaal aan spam doorkomt, wil ik niet weten wat het spamfilter dat er zou zijn, wèl tegenhoudt.

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