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6 December, 2011

Re: Global Online Mail Program Alert - December 2011

Royal Globe Group, Inc wishes to inform you that your email account has been picked as a winner in the results of the End of Year Global Online Mail Program held in Bolton, Lancashire - United Kingdom on Saturday 3 December, 2011.

Reference Numbers which include an "FK" emerged from the Online Category where all participants were selected randomly from World Wide Web through a computer balloting system drawn from an over 10,000,000 mail database, unions, associations and corporate bodies listed online.

Your Winning Details:

Winning Code: RGG2011FK-A9764Y2
Winning Amount: 531,259.00 Pounds Sterling


To redeem your prize, please visit our office with a copy of this message and identification at:

91 Chaucer Street
Lancashire, BL1 3HR
United Kingdom

If you are unable to collect in person at our office due to your location or any other reason, please send an email with the details given below to: rgpg@tech-center.com

* Full Names:
* Address:
* Telephone:
* Best Time to Call You:

Here is what some of our latest winners had to say;

Belinda L - won 497,476.21 Pounds Sterling
"My dreams of owning a business is becoming a reality! At first I thought it was a joke or something, but after I received my money I was very happy. Thanks a lot for the quick pay out."

Martin V. W - won 245,357.32 Pounds Sterling
"This has been a dream come true, and win will allow me to pay off my home loan, and will make an invaluable contribution to my children's education. This has been a truly wonderful life changing experience."

All participating emails were picked out from World Wide Web on a random basis. This program was held in conjunction with major email providers in over 120 countries worldwide.

Copyright © 2011 Royal Globe Promotions Group, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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